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Serial Entrepreneur Part 3…4….5

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Feel like I’m falling and I can’t get up!

So I think I must be a little crazy.  I keep trying all these new ideas in the hopes that one will take off and show me the way to make enough money to help support my family yet keep me from having to go back into the traditional workforce.  In the last two years since my last post (wow!) my cupcake business is still alive, barely.  My real estate photography business is alive…again barely.  My Choffy business totally went under…but that’s partly because the company changed the way they distribute their product and partly because sales is just not my thing.

I realized these other efforts were actually costing me money so I’ve started yet another business from home.  I work part time for a business broker doing a lot of his routine admin work and marketing functions so he can focus on the sales part of his business.  I truly enjoy this because I like my boss who is amazing to work with. Also this business doesn’t require me to do any sales, I can set my hours and work at my own pace.  I don’t make a ton of money doing it but it’s paying for my daughter’s braces, so every little bit helps.

I’ve also recently started using essential oils and in order to receive a discount on my products, I decided to become a wellness advocate.  I’m not making much at this because I just don’t like to sell stuff but I’m finding that I really am starting to believe in the power of these products. My husband and girls are believers too.  My upline leadership believes that if we just talk about how we use the products and what we like about the products, that will do a lot the sales work for us.  I guess we’ll see.

After several years of doing this entrepreneur thing…I’m still trying to figure it out.  I really need to find a better way to make money that isn’t tied to someone else’s schedule. In order to do that, I guess I need to figure out what type of business is my strongest suit, makes me reasonably happy and pursue that.  Having 5 or 6 micro businesses is definitely not making me any money right now.  It’s just making me tired, overwhelmed and frustrated.  It doesn’t help that I’m trying to work on my MBA at the same time.

Choffy Time

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Alright then, here comes a new year and a new post… finally!

Last weekend I decided to take my kids to the Festival of Chocolate at the Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI).  Even though I started a new Weight Watcher’s diet, I decided to torture myself and try to behave amidst all that chocolate.  Boy am I glad I went.  I ate the best Guiness Beer and chocolate mini cupcakes ever, my girls got to make their very own chocolate lip gloss and I was introduced to a great new drink…  Choffy!

Choffy is similar to coffee and tea.  Choffy is made from cacao beans (cocoa beans) that are roasted and ground for use in an automatic drip coffee maker or French Press.  My introduction to Choffy was their Ivory Coast version with French Vanilla creamer.  I was really impressed by the brewed sample they provided and went back and purchased a full size cup of the stuff!  I also grabbed a business card because I was so impressed so I could check them out at home.  The next day, I decided to purchase a French Press (because they said that was the best method to get the most flavor out of the grounds) and three small 12oz bags – one of each variety they carry.

I received the items about 4 days after purchase and loved the Ivory Coast version at home just as much as I liked it at the Festival… tasted exactly the way I had remembered it.  The La Espanola and Mamberamo are also good but have slightly different tones to them that I don’t care as much for.  Don’t get me wrong, they are good, but just not the same as the Ivory Coast version that I first tried. My seven year old loves the Ivory Coast as much as I do, my husband likes it but prefers his Keurig brewed iced french vanilla coffee and my nine year old likes the taste but says it upsets her tummy a bit.  So the home reviews are a bit mixed.  I also introduced the Choffy to my good friends and they both liked it a lot.  Considering the fact that brewed chocolate has lots of antioxidants and supposedly doesn’t give you the jitters that regular coffee does, I figured it’s got to be better than those high calorie, hi-fat Starbucks white mochas that I have been trying to break an addiction to!  That said, I’m still testing it out on myself, my friends and my family… so I will have to decide if that’s hype or fact based on my own personal experiences.

In the four days since I received my French Press and my Choffy, I’ve also started experimenting with different creamers and varying levels of sugar to see what I really like.  So far, I’ve tried French Vanilla, White Chocolate Mocha, and Italian Sweet Cream in my Ivory Coast.  My favorite, hands down is the French Vanilla with the Italian Sweet Cream next in line.  Not fond of the White Chocolate Mocha but that could be because I accidentally picked up the fat free version, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Anyway, I’m pretty impressed with the stuff and see lots of potential for the market.  I’ve contacted the distributor from the Festival to ask some questions about distribution and to see how many distributors are already in the area since I don’t want to start up something in a market already being worked heavily by someone else if I decide to take this up as a side business.  Once I hear back from her, I will decide whether or not to plunk down my money to get into distribution myself…

Can’t wait for Girl Scout Thin Mints to get here… so I can sit down with them and my Choffy!!

Until next time!!