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So much information out there!

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Virtual Business ServicesIn the last few weeks, as I’ve contemplating kicking off this new Virtual Business Services, Digital Marketing and Real Estate Photography Business, I have really been searching for the right help to get my business moving in the right direction.

I love to learn so I am currently pursuing my MBA focused in Marketing. I only have 3 more classes plus my final project, so the light is at the end of the tunnel!  I have also been reading tons of business websites, joining a wide variety of social media groups and quietly watching all kinds of internet marketing gurus trying to find the ONE that really clicks with me.

From a business support perspective, I really enjoy following Biz Women Rock, The VA Training Hub (the Techie Mentor), and Click Funnels (full disclosure – the Click Funnels link is an affiliate link – but I like this product so there you go!).  There is so much utility for businesses that use Click Funnels to build their sales funnels.  Click Funnels can be used to sell products or services to include real estate or chiropractic care.  Anyway, after checking it out for weeks and reading two of Russell Brunson’s books (DotCom Secrets and Expert Secrets – You can get either or both FREE just by paying shipping).  So, I decided to enroll in a 100 day Affiliate Boot Camp course designed to help me understand it better and help clients build profitable sales funnels for their businesses.

One of the things they covered in the course today that I think is SO valuable… is the need for all businesses to develop profiles of their customers.  Businesses really need to understand their market and how to reach them effectively.  A roller skating rink is obviously going to target much different audiences than a sports bar would want to target.  So, anyone you hire to develop your digital marketing plan should be asking you about your target market.  Business owners can’t expect a marketer to be able to understand every industry.  A good marketer can help you refine these target markets but if you hire a marketer, you must be prepared to provide information about who your customers are!

Here’s a link to the Free Affiliate Boot Camp I just started.  Nothing to buy.  You don’t have to buy a Click Funnels program, but it will likely be helpful if you plan to USE Click Funnels somewhere down the road…whether for your own business or help someone else build their sales funnels.

There are affiliate links in this post.  They help support my business while providing valuable content that you can use as well!

Serial Entrepreneur Part 3…4….5

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Feel like I’m falling and I can’t get up!

So I think I must be a little crazy.  I keep trying all these new ideas in the hopes that one will take off and show me the way to make enough money to help support my family yet keep me from having to go back into the traditional workforce.  In the last two years since my last post (wow!) my cupcake business is still alive, barely.  My real estate photography business is alive…again barely.  My Choffy business totally went under…but that’s partly because the company changed the way they distribute their product and partly because sales is just not my thing.

I realized these other efforts were actually costing me money so I’ve started yet another business from home.  I work part time for a business broker doing a lot of his routine admin work and marketing functions so he can focus on the sales part of his business.  I truly enjoy this because I like my boss who is amazing to work with. Also this business doesn’t require me to do any sales, I can set my hours and work at my own pace.  I don’t make a ton of money doing it but it’s paying for my daughter’s braces, so every little bit helps.

I’ve also recently started using essential oils and in order to receive a discount on my products, I decided to become a wellness advocate.  I’m not making much at this because I just don’t like to sell stuff but I’m finding that I really am starting to believe in the power of these products. My husband and girls are believers too.  My upline leadership believes that if we just talk about how we use the products and what we like about the products, that will do a lot the sales work for us.  I guess we’ll see.

After several years of doing this entrepreneur thing…I’m still trying to figure it out.  I really need to find a better way to make money that isn’t tied to someone else’s schedule. In order to do that, I guess I need to figure out what type of business is my strongest suit, makes me reasonably happy and pursue that.  Having 5 or 6 micro businesses is definitely not making me any money right now.  It’s just making me tired, overwhelmed and frustrated.  It doesn’t help that I’m trying to work on my MBA at the same time.

A Serial Entrepreneur… I think?!

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I haven’t written on this blog in a very long time!

Wow… I didn’t realize just how long it’s been. I’ve been pretty busy in the last year and half. I left my defense contracting job, started a local cupcake bakery out of my home and am now considering starting a real estate photography business.

I really enjoy baking cupcakes but with the restrictions that Florida has on home bakers, there’s only so far I can take this business before I have to either move to a commercial kitchen, open a storefront or be satisfied with the small amount of orders I can complete from home.

So, I’ve started to look at other avenues to bring in a little extra money while still fostering my need to use my creative side. A friend of mine is in the real estate business and after seeing some of the pictures I’ve taken of my cupcakes and of my husband’s band… she asked if I would be willing to photograph a home that she has listed.

I’ve been in the home before and it’s lovely… so I thought, what the heck… let’s try it and see how it goes. So, I took a deep breath, grabbed my tripod, my Canon 7D DSLR camera and a couple of lenses and jumped in. The link below is to the home that I photographed. They will be having a broker’s open house next week which my friend invited me to and I’m super nervous about it.  I’m hoping other agents like my work but I have no idea what to charge especially since I’m a newbie and still building my portfolio.


I’ve started looking at a lot of online real estate photographs to see what I like and what I don’t. I’ve been checking out real estate photography tutorials to get some pointers on lighting, tips on using Lightroom and Photoshop to help me optimize my photographs and how to determine what to charge but there’s a lot to learn.  I have good equipment, good lenses and decent software… now to get some clients and start building that portfolio here in the Apollo Beach/Riverview, FL area!

Wish me luck as I start embarking on another new journey!  Who knows where this one will take me!

Long time…

Posted in High Five Motor Drive, Modern Mayhem, Music, Photography, self-employment on November 13, 2011 by DelJenLane Enterprises, LLC

So, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had the opportunity to create a new post.  Life has been passing by very quickly.  Lots of family issues, job drama, and homework.  After several years of working on college classes while working full-time and raising my children, I will finally be getting my Bachelor’s of Arts in Marketing on November 15th.  I was considering moving right on to working on my MBA… but life has thrown a huge array of curve balls lately and I think it’s time to take a break.  Not to mention, I’m not sure how beneficial the degree would really be…

Besides all the family issues, job drama and finally completing my degree, I’ve picked up a new hobby… photography, both still and videography.  Right now, most of my photography revolves around my husband’s two different bands so I am struggling with lighting issues not to mention trying to understand the best way to capture the music when you can’t place the video camera directly centered on the band and there’s a lot of ambient noise from crowds talking and laughing! I’ve gotten some really good shots of the bands, but am still learning composition too and how not to be obtrusive yet still capturing the feel of the evening.  It’s much more challenging that I would have thought.

I’ve got some decent consumer level cameras…but I don’t plan to invest in really the good stuff until I get more of the basic photography and videography stuff figured out. Who knows, maybe I could turn my photography from a hobby into a way to make money!   The pics below are samples from camping trips, visits to the beach at sunset and one of the more recent gigs that my hubby played at here in our local area with his band Modern Mayhem.  He still had his Halloween wraps on his kit that’s why the RIP and skulls.

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